At Bedford Village Morning School your child's needs determine the curriculum. In the first few weeks of school the teacher gets to know your child. He / She assesses his/her strengths and weaknesses. He / She identifies each child's skills (what he/she can and cannot do in all areas of his/her development). We use several developmental checklists to help us do this, along with the information we have gathered from the children who have attended BVMS over the last 30 some years.

It is important to note that in the Preschool/Kindergarten curriculum skills are introduced, and reintroduced, giving many opportunities for exposure; and then, when the time is right, mastered. Skills are NEVER TAUGHT WITH PRESSURE, always with fun, gentle, caring techniques. This allows each child to learn at his/her own speed, in his/her own way, enjoying each step in the process. At every step in this process childhood is protected. We do not expect more from a child than he/she is able to give. We believe, with all our hearts, that a child should FULLY experience each age in his/her development. A five year old should be allowed to be five, not expected to be seven.

The foundation for each part of our curriculum is PROCESS not PRODUCT. Habits, skills and attitudes come first in the learning cycle. The goal is to build the learning house out of bricks. Only when a child learns process first does the product have meaning. We use humor, energy, enthusiasm and skill to help children LEARN TO LOVE LEARNING, the ultimate goal for all students. For further detailed information regarding the skills taught in our curriculum, please look in your hard copy of the BVMS Parent Handbook.

Philosophy of Discipline


Scheduling is done in large blocks of time. The basic schedule is structured, yet within that structure there is a flexibility that allows a teacher the opportunity to "fit the curriculum to the child" not "the child to the curriculum". During Free Play, the children may move from room to room and enjoy their school family. The schedule is similar to the schedule below. All of the activities are planned to meet the needs of the individual as well as the group. At BVMS, all of our teachers are responsible for all of our children. We are your child's family away from home.

Arrival: 8:15 a.m.
Free Play: Children sign up for one of the centers: Art, Blocks, Water Table, Computer, Stage, Library, Easel, Sandtray, Housekeeping etc. etc.
Circle Time: A morning greeting is followed by sharing and then an activity which promotes listening, thinking, and imagination. Life Skills are introduced and practiced.
Work / Play: Children work on readiness skills using manipulatives, while others work in small groups using our reading program, Lippincott's Beginning To Read, Write, and Listen. The Whole Brain method is being implemented allowing children to learn the way children learn best.
Snack / Story: Children eat snack and then select a book or puzzle until everyone is finished and ready to hear a story. When weather permits, the children go directly outdoors after snack.
Outdoor Play: Children develop gross motor coordination, cooperation skills and explore the outside.
Math / Gym: Children work on patterns, counting, number recognition, and using hands-on materials while others enjoy gross motor activities and creative movement
Art, Music, Creative Dramatics, and Science:
  An integral part of the curriculum
Life Skills Program: Incorporated throughout the day!
Dismissal: 11:45 a.m.

Times are subject to change!

A 3½ hour day allows us the opportunity to fully enjoy
both the academic and social part of Kindergarten.

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