Age Requirement


Your child must celebrate his/her birthday on or before September 30th of the current school year in order to be admitted to his/her age group. We do accept applications for early admission if your child is truly age appropriate in every way. A letter of recommendation from his/her previous teacher and an interview with the Director is required to approve early admission.

Car Pools


Please be sure:

  • That your child remains in his/her seat until a teacher opens your door.
  • To be home to receive your child.
  • To let the driver see that you know the child has been dropped off.
  • To only take as many children in a car as you have seat belts.
  • That if no one is home to receive a child, you take that child home with you. It will be the partent's responsibility to track the child down.


Some parents form car pools. If you need assistance, please let us know. Children will not be permitted to leave with an unauthorized adult for any reason. We will contact a parent to obtain authorization. This is for your child's safety.



There will be a teacher to open the car door each morning. Please do not drop your child off at school unless there is a teacher at the door ready to greet him/her. If you need or wish to accompany your child into school in the morning, please feel free to park your car at the end of the driveway and walk in across the lawn. (This is the safest way to come in the building). In order to keep traffic on Ministerial Road to a minimum and for safety reasons, we ask that you turn into the school driveway by a right turn only please!

Please do not park along the side of the driveway or in front of the door, as it is difficult for other cars to move around you. The "house" side of the driveway is private property and we need to all respect this fact. Under no circumstance are there to be any cars parked on the house side. WE EXPECT THIS RULE TO BE STRICTLY ADHERED TO!

Always remember to turn your engine off.

Your child will be permitted to go home with any member of your car pool. We will not let your child leave BVMS with anyone that you have not given us written permission to leave with. THIS IS FOR YOUR CHILD'S SAFETY. THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS RULE!!!

Please also remember that our "Drop Off" and "Pick Up" times have a NO CELL PHONE POLICY!  We feel that your attention should be solely on your child at these times.  Therefore, we will not take your child out of your car or place your child into your car if we see that you are on your phone!!

Head Lice


In an effort to control outbreaks of head lice, we would like you to check your child's head for lice before the first day of school.

Rule of Thumb: Report any cases of head lice that you know of, as soon as possible, to the staff at BVMS.

Routine lice checks will be conducted in school during the first week and at any time thereafter when an outbreak is reported in the public schools.

Telephone Calls & Emergencies


Please try to call the school (603-472-5531) between 7:15 a.m. and 8:15 a.m. The Director may also be reached at home at 472-3231 afternoons after 3:00 p.m. and evenings. You can also e-mail at 8:15 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. is our time with your children. The answering machine will be on during this time if there is no one free to answer the phone. We will check messages between 10:00 and 10:15 a.m. and 2:00- 2:15 p.m. We will check the machine again at dismissal times.

The school office is located at 54 Meetinghouse Road in Bedford.  Usually there is someone in the office most of the day. Please feel free to call the office phone (603-472-3231) at any time to discuss issues, concerns, questions or if you have difficulty getting through to 603-472-5531.

If for any reason, we have not returned your phone call or e-mail the same day that you leave your message, assume that we did not receive it.

When the machine answers, hang up and dial again immediately.

Nutritious Snacks


We serve a mid-morning snack. Each child will be asked to bring in a drink and snack for his/her class one day a month. A calendar will be sent home at the end of each month for the next month's schedule. It is greatly appreciated when snacks are sent in individual serving sizes. We have approximately 15 minutes for snack, and this greatly cuts down on the preparation time.


Some of the more popular snacks include:

  • Cheese and crackers
  • Fruit (cut up and packaged)
  • Raisins, cereal mixtures (gorp) - very popular choice!
  • Vegetables and dip
  • Bagels
  • Granola bars (check for nuts please)
  • Muffins
  • Pretzel goldfish
  • Snack Well cookies
  • Fat-free fig bars

We ask that you save Go-gurt, Yogurt, and messy snacks for home.

Rule of Thumb: If you can serve it on your carpet, then it's okay for our carpet!


If your child has any food allergies, please call your child's teacher and let her/him know at the beginning of the school year. There is a spot on both the emergency card and registration form to list any known allergies. We also send home a handout containing nut free snack ideas at the beginning of the school year.

Outdoor Recess


Our playground has a sand base. It is very safe for the children, but very messy for parents and their automobiles. We request that children wear shoes that are secure for running. (No flip flops or sandals) Be prepared!! During the winter months our playground becomes very icy. Children will go outside only when the temperature is above 25 degrees and the playground is suitable for play.

Personal Belongings of Children


We try to help children realize that school is not always the safest place for their most precious toys and possessions. Except for toys that are needed to help ease your child's transition from home to school, we ask that your child leave his toys at home or in your car. If an item is brought to school, we cannot be responsible for it. Often, however, it is important for children to bring things from home, so a hard fast rule is very difficult to write. This is one of those gray areas where parents need to use their judgment and guidance. Rule of Thumb: If your child needs to bring his/her toys for security or sharing information, no problem! If a child wants to play with the toy it's better left at home. School is filled with educational toys and materials that encourage play and learning. Guns, swords, and video games are not permitted.

If you have a book that may be of interest, we appreciate this being shared with the class, but ask that it be left for several days. It may not be possible to read a book on the day the child brings it in.




Pick-up time will take longer than drop-off time does. There are drawings, coats, backpacks etc., etc., etc. and, of course, there is the last minute need to use the bathroom which makes a smooth running line come to a dead stop! Relax and enjoy the scenery. Bring stationery to write letters, a book to read, and relaxing music to play so that your patience will not be taxed.

There are, however, things you can do to make the lines go faster:

  • Please turn into the driveway through a right turn only!
  • Make sure your child's car seat is on the right of the car.
  • Call the teacher on the phone with any questions you may have.
  • Park at the end of the driveway to talk to other parents.
  • Pull up if you need to help your child with his seat belts. Insurance suggests that teachers NOT buckle seat belts; parents are recommended for this job.
  • Pull up if your child is taking VERY long. The teacher will suggest this if necessary.
  • Never leave your car running!
  • A reminder that BVMS is a cell-phone free driveway!

We will try our VERY BEST to speed things along but we feel very strongly that the children should not be rushed. Patience is a virtue!

Promptness in dropping off and picking up your children is extremely important. We know that some of our parents have to go to a number of schools and have other very good reasons for being late. When it occurs once in a while there is, of course, no problem. But the child who is continually dropped off late and picked up late prevents teachers from doing the job they need to do and prevents your child from enjoying the full day. In the afternoon, there are many teachers who have children of their own or other jobs to get to, so it is imperative that pick up be done in a timely way. We will greatly appreciate your help in this area!

Read-Aloud Program


We celebrate your child's birthday by having a parent or someone special to your child come in and read, tell or dramatize his/her favorite story. If you wish to donate a book with your child's name, birth date and the year you are donating it in, on the inside cover, we would be delighted to add it to our collection. After reading the story, you are then invited to join us for your child's special birthday snack.

Parent-Teacher Conferences


There are two scheduled, planned conferences each year. There is one optional conference. We encourage both parents to attend these conferences. You may arrange spontaneous meetings whenever individual concerns arise. Either the parent or the teacher may request such a meeting. One to one meetings, such as the Parent/Teacher conference or in a Parent/Director conference, frequently provide a way to "cure a cold before it becomes pneumonia". We strongly encourage you to schedule conferences as often as you need to. NEVER HESITATE TO CALL YOUR CHILD'S TEACHER OR THE DIRECTOR. We can only address a problem if we know there is one.

When you NEED to make a phone call:

  • The death of a loved one. (Goldfish, worms, ants included if it is important to your child)
  • A trip where one or both parents may be away.
  • A hospital stay by parents or child.
  • A change in behavior.
  • Questions or concerns.

We cannot OVERSTATE how much we encourage you to communicate with us!

Snow Days


BVMS will follow public school closings in regards to snow days. When the Bedford public schools close, we close. BVMS will open at the regular time of 8:15 a.m. on days when there is a delayed opening for public schools and will end at the regular times of 11:15 for Lower and Upper Preschool and 11:45 for Kindergarten. Disregard Public Kindergarten announcements for closures on these delayed opening days.

Listen to your local radio program for public school cancellations. We ask that you use your own judgment as to whether you should be driving your children to school on delayed opening days. The AFA Program will run as usual on delayed opening days.

We will try to post the closing on our website if school is closed early enough in the morning to do this. It is safest to listen to the radio or to watch WMUR TV to see if Bedford Public Schools are closed or delayed.

The Health & Safety of your Child


Your child's health is a matter of major importance to all of us. Upon enrollment you must file a health form signed by a physician. THIS MUST BE ON FILE BY THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL. THIS IS A STATE LAW.

Your child may be sent home if any symptoms of illness appear during the day. In such cases we will isolate your child from the other children and you will be contacted.

Keep your child home if he or she:

  • Has a fever or has had one during the previous 24-hour period.
  • Has a cold that is less than four days old.
  • Has a heavy nasal discharge.
  • Is fussy, cranky and generally out of sorts.
  • Is just tired. Rest at such times may prevent the development of serious illness.
  • Has symptoms of a possible communicable disease.

Your child may come to school:

  • If a cold is over, but a minor nasal drip remains.
  • If there has been an exposure to a communicable disease, but the school has been notified so that the incubation period can be discussed and it can be determined on what dates your child should stay home.

Rule of Thumb: When you are unsure of whether your child should be in school, call your doctor.

Please do not let your child convince you that he should come to school. Children want to come to school but sometimes they need to stay home. When in doubt, give your doctor a call.

In case of an injury we will make an immediate attempt to contact a parent. If we can't reach you, we will call the child's physician. Until we contact you the Director or an Assistant will be in charge. We will also call emergency numbers recorded on the Emergency cards.

It is to your child's benefit that you keep the school up to date on changes in phone numbers, emergency numbers and other pertinent information.

What to Wear


PLAY is the WORK of childhood. At school, children have many opportunities to explore and experiment with different tools and materials. They mix their own paint, play with sand and water, climb, jump, roll on the ground, and play on the floor. Smocks will be used, but spills can happen and usually do. We urge you to send your child to school in play clothes! PLEASE!!!! Sweat pants, tee shirts, and any item of clothing that gives your child the freedom to MESS without concern. If you allow your child to feel relaxed and free from worry about "spills" they will become more creative than if they have to worry about accidents. Rule of Thumb: If you are upset when your child gets paint on his clothes, then his/her clothes are not play clothes. We ask you to cooperate in this matter. It is important for CREATIVITY TO BLOOM!

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