BVMS is a one-of-a-kind school in the nation that successfully prepares young children for life-long learning through teaching them skills for social and academic success.

~ Jon Oliver, Executive Director of Lesson One, Author of Lesson One: The ABC's of Life


BVMS is the perfect place for a child to grow and develop while learning. We know this first-hand because our three children (one now in college, one in high school, and one in first grade), all attended BVMS for their pre-school and Kindergarten years. As an educator, I spent many hours researching preschools. As we looked around, there was no comparison, BVMS is the best! We traveled from Manchester to BVMS for many years with our children and it was worth it! BVMS laid the foundation for our children's education teaching them that school is a place where you love to learn and your teachers love to teach. We have had so many happy and productive days at BVMS, we highly recommend it to everyone we meet. The BVMS philosophy of education and the warm and caring way they work with children is what we would hope every child experiences. Thank you BVMS!

~ Peter and Kelly Dunn, Ed.D, Professor of Education
Education Department Head, Director of Center for Educational Excellence


Thank you for being such an amazing influence on Lana. I asked her what she'll remember most about you and she said "my focusing tools." How awesome is that? Something she can carry with her throughout her life. We are so thrilled that Melody will have the same magic in her life.

~ Sharron and Rob McCarthy


Thank you for making the school year wonderful for our son. He loves all his teachers and looks forward to school days. He is now sharing with us how his days are going and using words to express feelings, which is huge. You have given us the tools and ways to communicate, interact, play and learn that have made our whole family benefit from the classroom and school experience. Thank you for making school a place to have fun, learn and feel loved.

~ The Lande Family


My two sons are on the same Destination Imagination Team which is made up of a total of 6 boys mostly in 2nd grade. They recently had a team meetings where they had to perform a timed team challenge. They were given various props and a clock and had to, as a team, create something given a few parameters and a specific time to complete it in. So time starts ticking and 2 boys are off being silly, 2 boys are frantically watching the clock and then there were my sons, Connor and Mark (former BVMS students) . . . Connor went over to the "silly" boys saying "Now is not a time to be silly, we need to work as a team!" Mark went over to the "clock watchers" and said "We need to "refocus" ourselves on the challenge, stop watching the clock, come join the team, we need your help!" Apparently all the boys gathered and completed the challenge on time!!

None of the other kids involved were BVMS students except for my boys so the language they used was unusual and really impressed the coaches. I would call that Life Skills at work! It was truly a proud moment for me to see my boys assuming a leadership role in a kind way . . . all thanks to the teachings at BVMS!!

~ Jen Keiffer


Trying to find a Preschool or Kindergarten? I suggest Bedford Village Morning School! A couple of years ago, I was one of the very lucky little kids to attend BVMS! It was the best school you could ever go to!

There's so many things to look forward to, such as the Dinosaur Unit, in which you learn all about dinosaurs in an extremely fun way! Fossils, fun stations, friends and fabulous teachers to help you out. I personally enjoyed the Community Unit. There is also many jobs to try including a doctor/nurse, a carpenter, veterinarian, cook, waiter/waitress and many more. I remember spending so much time in the hospital as a "nurse". Most of my "patients" came out all better with a cast, crutches, and medicine.

I remember learning to focus; a very important thing! Sometimes, we'd all be working on something and Mrs. Tyrie would have a stuff animal at our heads, watching what we were doing. We were supposed to keep working and not pay any attention to the animal and it helped me focus then and now. Mrs. Tyrie also owns many fun focusing tools! There was also self-control, another skill Mrs. Tyrie wanted us to know. Trust me, it's a very important thing!

A lot of times, we'd go outside, playing with hula hoops, balls, ribbons, toys of every kind, and most importantly, friends! The school has awesome teachers, mostly made up of love, kindness and everything you could ask for in a teacher! BVMS is a "kind and friendly" school and I know your child will love it! I'm now in Fourth Grade and I swear, Kindergarten and my two years of Preschool were the best years of my life!! Right now, I wish I was still at BVMS!

~ Kaleigh O'Keefe, a BVMS student, Class of 2005
(Oldest of four siblings, all former BVMS students!)


Wow! Sign up for Bedford Village – who wouldn't? I can clearly remember going there! We always walked into our classroom and said hello to our teachers. We would play until everyone got there. Then one of the teachers would turn on "the clean up song" and everyone would get cleaned up and would get on the big rug. My best friend and I loved to play on the stage with the two very special bears. Every new season we did a special unit on something different. For science it was the dinosaur unit. We got into the "plane/time machine" and took a trip back into the dino time. In the winter it was the community unit. The teachers made a hospital, pet shop, restaurant, and beauty parlor all in one day! In the for history , we did a unit on Christopher Columbus, and made a whole book about him. The same with Abraham Lincoln! For the girls, I have to say the most popular unit was the community unit. The fake makeup was great to put on the teachers and your friends! For the boys, Dinosaur unit! Digging for the chocolate chip fossils in the cookies was great especially eating them when you were done.
The Playground is humongous! There is a huge play set and a small "house" at the end of the space. It's great to run around in and to get your energy out!
If you are considering sending your child to this school, I urge you to do so! You just read a first hand experience.

~ Riley Wolf, Bedford Village Morning School Student, Class of 2005


Where do I begin? There are so many wonderful qualities about this school! I have 4 children who will or have all attended this school. My two oldest have gone from lower preschool through kindergarten here. What they have learned on both an academic and social level are beyond my expectations. The Director and teachers have it right with implementing the Life Skills Program which I can guarantee you will NOT find at any other school. This program will teach them skills and develop important qualities that will get them far in life, long after they leave BVMS. The Director Sue Tyrie holds many classes at no extra charge to BVMS parents that will also teach you this lifelong skill. She also has classes on "How to Talk so Your Kids Will Listen" and "Siblings without Rivalry". When your children attend this school you know your children are loved and nurtured with high but not unreasonable expectations. I would strongly recommend BVMS for any parent that wants excellent personalized early education for their child.

~ Michael and Marnie Plage


The Life Skills program is OUTSTANDING! If your heart's desire as a parent is to raise not only intelligent but thoughtful, compassionate, respectful children then BVMS should be your partner. We are truly thankful for the well-rounded foundation they have helped lay in our children. The extra effort the staff puts into ongoing education for their parents proves their deep commitment to the complete well-being of children.

~ Lauren, Christopher, Courtney, Audrey and Colby Pederson


We obviously give a 5 star rating. BVMS has provided a wonderful, well-rounded educational experience for our children. The Life Skills program and zoo phonics programs, just to name a few, are some of our favorite programs that the school offers. We have found the Life Skills workshop and How to Talk So Kids Will Listen, Listen So Kids Will Talk workshop that the school provides incredibly informative and helpful in communicating with our children. We love the individualized attention to students and the ease of communication between teachers and parents. Overall, BVMS provides a fun, caring learning environment that is unmatched.

~ Kim Beekman


Bedford Village Morning School provides a safe, caring environment for our preschooler. The teachers are attentive to each individual child's needs and are very approachable. After much research to find the appropriate school for our child, I strongly feel we made the right decision and would recommend it to anyone.

~ Kerri Koestner


I happened upon BVMS as I moved to NH from WA in late September. My 3-year-old is learning skills to help her navigate through daily life as well as learning typical preschool curriculum. BVMS also offers free parenting classes which have been so helpful and have made a huge difference in our home. BVMS utilizes these same techniques in the classroom so there is great continuity. I am so pleased with the thoughtfulness that goes into planning my child's day as well as the approachability and friendliness of the staff.

~ Kristen O'Dell


I feel very lucky to have stumbled onto BVMS 6 years ago for my four children. We have had nothing but wonderful experiences, top teachers and open communication with the Director and teachers at the school. Among many other things that I find to be "bonuses" at BVMS, the number one thing that has kept us at the school is the Life Skills Program. This program really sets the foundation for lifelong learning, respect for oneself and others and gives the children self-confidence to know that if they try, they can do anything! I highly recommend this school to anyone looking for a school where the child can be a child and the foundation for life and educational success is set.

~ Lisa Nash


This is a school with a philosophy. It is a school with integrity. It is a place where you can send your child to be loved, nurtured, understood and encouraged. This is my 6th year with a child at BVMS and I cannot overstate the confidence I have in its overall mission and in its Director (Sue Tyrie). This type of intimate but well thought out setting is a dying breed but it is alive and well in Bedford, New Hampshire and our children are so much better for it.

~ Timmie Maine Miller


I wish we had discovered BVMS 13 years ago! Michael, the youngest of my 4 sons, loves going to school and will benefit from a truly outstanding pre-school and kindergarten experience. WISDOM distinguishes Michael's school from the others – The director, Sue Tyrie, and her teaching staff are experts on the development of essential life skills, laying the real foundation for academic and social success. With my oldest son now experiencing the demands of high school and having the hindsight of nearly 16 years of parenting, I truly appreciate what other parents may not yet realize…BVMS lays the rock-solid foundation our children need.

~ Amy Pratte


I encourage all parents at BVMS to attend the How to Talk So Kids Will Listen, Listen So Kids Will Talk Workshop. My husband and I found it to be life changing. We are so glad that we experienced the course while our kids were still so young because we could start making it a part of our parenting style from the get-go. We even find ourselves gravitating to parents that embrace the same philosophy because we so strongly feel that it is the right approach. I've read MANY parenting books, but none impacted me the way this one did. It is helpful to participate in a class rather than just reading the book because taking on too many of the skills at once can be overwhelming. Sue provides practical analogies, provides advice for specific situations and it is also helpful to hear other parents and their stories. It is a course that begs for a refresher every so often as the issues you face as a parent evolve. Lastly, I'm glad that, as parents, we can reinforce the philosophy of BVMS at home because we believe it is important to be in solidarity with one another for the benefit of our children.

With four young boys, we found the Sibling Rivalry course to be helpful too. I was liberated when I took the pressure off of myself of trying to always be equal with all three of them. Because of what I learned, they are learning to solve their own problems instead of me always coming in to save the day by impulsively separating them. In addition, when those tempting moments arise of wanting to label them or compare them, I'm reminded that this has serious consequences.

I strongly encourage parents to attend these workshops – for your sanity, your children's emotional health and to reinforce the reasons for choosing Bedford Village Morning School. Why pay for these skills to be taught if we are undermining them at home?

~ Shannon McGinley


Several years ago I began the arduous task of locating a preschool. Throughout this search, both friends and colleagues alike continuously recommended one school. This school was Bedford Village Morning School. I repeatedly heard phrases like . .

"At BVMS, if a teacher raises her voice in school one day, she is asked not to return the next."
"Sue Tyrie, the Director of BVMS is wonderful, the children adore her and she is really approachable if a concern or problem arises."
"At BVMS, they have this great life skills program that really teaches the children self-control and focus."

Well, several years later, it is now me recommending Sue Tyrie and BVMS. Sue is outstanding, a true professional with tremendous skills and integrity. Her staff is very much the same.
I have often said to my friends, "If I could just carry a small version of Sue around on my shoulder, I would be the perfect parent" or "could Sue just live at my house for one week, we would pay her. . ." Unfortunately, this is not possible, but after eight weeks of her parenting classes (based on the book, How to Talk so Kids will Listen and Listen so Kids will Talk), Sue's wisdom and knowledge does permeate my soul. Not only is the information presented in her classes beneficial; but also, the question and answer sessions after are informative, humorous and quite comforting. It is nice to know others share similar concerns; and, Sue always offers a way to improve these concerns. Our family indeed, has made the right choice with BVMS. The school not only provides a tremendous foundation, but also instills a true love for learning!

~ Jane Bogursky


We have two children currently enrolled at BVMS. We feel they offer the best education in the State of New Hampshire. Their teaching method includes "Life Skills," not just academics. As we all know, everything you learn in life is taught in Kindergarten, so I know our kids are already off to a great start! More importantly, it has helped our parenting skills and has taught us how to enjoy a happier life with our children! We recommend this school to everyone. We believe in their teaching philosophy.

~ Michele and Brian O'Keefe


Bedford Village Morning School has been an invaluable environment for our children for numerous reasons. BVMS is the perfect combination of academic and social learning. The low student ratio has also been a big advantage. Our children receive a lot of individual attention; it is so nice to see the teachers know their individual strengths and weaknesses. The teachers are wonderful. We are so appreciative to them for the time they have spent to ensure that my children are motivated, caring, confident, kind, and successful. For that we feel extremely blessed to have found such a wonderful place for our children.

~ Michelle and Gary Saklad


BVMS has been an incredible experience for not only our oldest two children, but also for our family. We will feel connected to this school long after our youngest moves on. We cannot imagine a more enriching and nurturing environment to share with our children.

~ Joe Walsh


We have been very pleased with The Bedford Village Morning School. The teachers have taken the time to know our son and learn how best he can benefit from the pre-school experience. They treat each child as an individual with a lot of respect. The parent seminars have been equally as important to our family. My husband says that people shouldn't be allowed to be parents without such education. Sue Tyrie's philosophy on early childhood education and the respectful way she relates with children drives BVMS in exactly the right direction. I've spoken with other parents of BVMS children who agree with me when I say that I hope our children will have equally good experiences as they continue on in the public schools.

~ Beth and Eric Soederberg


Our children were at BVMS for five years. Sue Tyrie and her staff are excellent. They are experienced, warm and committed. They are always available to answer questions and provide guidance and counsel to help you and your child. The advantage of BVMS is the Life Skills program incorporated in the pre-school and kindergarten curriculums. They are teaching our children life skills such as self-control, responsibility and trying their best in extremely creative and effective ways. And we are learning those skills too! Sue Tyrie's seminars on parenting have been extremely beneficial. She has taught us a skill set that will remain with us as we parent long after our children leave BVMS. We would strongly encourage any family to consider sending their children to BVMS.

~ Johanna and Steve Lawrence


When we made that first phone call to enroll our oldest child into the BVMS three year old preschool program, it was like hitting the lottery! We knew our child would be in good hands. It was important to us that the school focus on the development of our children rather than making sure they know the entire alphabet at age 3. The teachers are truly dedicated to having the child's best interest at heart and being sure their needs are met. We knew that we did not have to worry about our child being yelled at or being put into a time-out. If there was a problem, we would work it out together.

Basing their philosophy around the books, "How To Talk So Your Kids Will Listen" and the Life Skills has personally enriched all of our lives. At our home, we all do our best, stay focused, use our self-control or give ourselves self-control time when we need to, stay on the same side of the table as our child. Bedford Village Morning School not only takes care of our children during the day but it is definitely present in our home at all other times.

~ Sonia & Stephen Statires


After seeing the amazing Kindergarten movie, Remember Book and CD, I am struck by the time and effort you put into them, and know that it is only a very small portion of the time and effort you devoted to our children.

I will remember…

  • …a warm, safe place.
  • …an environment full of daily discoveries.
  • ...gentle guidnce and grace.
  • ...a teacher who noticed, accepted and loved my child, just as he was.
  • ...someone who nurtured and protected the wonderful spirit in each child.
  • ...a teacher who grew, learned, and reveled with each child's accomplishments.
  • ...a teacher who knows the power of wonder.
  • ...someone who sees sunshine and hope in all children and gives us all hope for the future by sharing her vision.

Yes, to teach a child, you must first capture their hearts, but to be truly successful, you must be open to the possibility of the child capturing your heart as well. I will forever remember that you and the teachers at BVMS did that. Thank you for being part of our lives.

~ Susan, Kevin, Joshua and Cameron Campbell

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