What's New?

We hope that your child will join us for the sixth and final session of our 2017-18 AFA program!  This session will run from Monday, April 30th through Monday, June 4th.

There will be no AFA on Monday, May 28th.

ADD-ON DAYS:  You may call ahead of time close to the day or on the morning of the day that you would like to add your child to AFA.  There is a $2.00 service fee added to the regular payment of $18.00 per day.   

 Mondays: (5)  The Wonder of Obstacle Courses!/Soccer with Global Premier Soccer
  Each week we will enjoy making and exploring various obstacle courses, both inside and outside!  Obstacle courses are a great way to improve children's gross motor skills, plus they are just plain fun!/Our outside Special for Mondays is Soccer.  The Global Premier Soccer program returns again to teach children how to thoroughly  enjoy the game of Soccer without competition and in a totally fun, developmentally appropriate way for four and five year olds!   

Wednesdays: (5)  Everything Summer!/Dance with Ashley Carrier/Yoga with Dalyne Villeneuve

  Join us as we celebrate all that is fun in Summer!  Activities involving bubbles, chalk, sand, scavenger hunts, etc., all enjoyed outside!  What a way to celebrate our upcoming season!/Our Specials on Wednesdays will explore the wonderful world of Dance and Yoga with Miss Ashley and Miss Dalyne.  Ashley makes dancing such a joyous and fun experience for all!  Through Dalyne's classes, children will experience mindfulness, relaxation, increased focus and work with calming breathing exercises!


Fridays:  (5)  AFA Favorites Throughout the Year!/Music with Amy Conley

   Each week, we will take one favorite AFA theme and revisit the fun!  Mazes, Science, Forts, etc.  All in one happy Friday afternoon!  The more the merrier!/As always, Amy Conley will bring her musical talents to BVMS.  Instruments, puppets and movement keep the children learning how much joy Music can bring!









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