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We hope that your child will join us for the fourth session of our 2017-18 AFA program!  This session will run from Tuesday, January 2nd through Friday, February 23rd.

There will be NO school/AFA on Monday, January 15th
Registration forms and payment are due back on Friday, December 15th.  Please complete the attached sign up form and return it along with your payment for the session.  We need the forms in on time so that we can set up teachers and supplies.  

ADD-ON DAYS:  You may call ahead of time close to the day or on the morning of the day that you would like to add your child to AFA.  There is a $2.00 service fee added to the regular payment of $18.00 per day.   

Mondays: (6)  Winter Arts and Crafts!/Soccer with Global Premier Soccer
Let's get into the Winter spirit with Winter arts and crafts!   Each Monday we will explore various materials and make creations to take home.  The snow is almost here!/Our outside Special for Mondays is Soccer.  The Global Premier Soccer team returns again to teach children how to thoroughly enjoy the game of Soccer without competition and in a totally fun, developmentally appropriate way for four and five year olds!

 Wednesdays:(8)  Build...Build...BUILD!/Dance with Ashley Carrier/Yoga with Dalyne Villeneuve
We'll work in small groups or use our imaginations and skills as an entire team to build marvelous creations using various building materials.  We've seen how well your children can work together and the pride and pleasure it brings them when their ideas come to fruition!/The specials on Wednesday will  explore the wonderful world of Dance and Creative Movement with Ashley Carrier and Dalyne Villeneuve, both of whom are former BVMS moms!  Ashley has been a dance teacher for many years and makes learning how to dance a joy for children!    

Fridays: (8)  Fort Fun!/Music with Amy Conley
 Our creativity will flow as we make forts using boxes, chairs, blankets, blocks, sheets...and our imaginations! What a fun way to end our week!/Amy Conley, our outstanding Music special teacher returns with her amazing talents.  She has been a part of our AFA program for many years now and the children always enjoy her classes!








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