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APRIL, 2018


Parent Conferences begin this week. Please take a moment and write any questions down so that we can be sure that they do not go unanswered in the midst of our last conference. Our agenda for the conference includes a Parent Release form that will allow BVMS to share and gather information with the “BIG “schools that your children will be attending next year. It also gives us permission to talk to the schools next year to ensure that their transition to public school was a smooth one and that they progress successfully. We will also be going over curriculum and strategies that we will be using during April, May and June to ensure that the transition from Bedford Village Morning School Kindergarten is a smooth one and that it is a “bridge rather than a cliff” between the small school and the bigger school. I am sure you have heard me say many times, “We do not get children READY”. This group of children is loving the academic side of things and is still fully able to be Kindergarteners!


We are working on our letterbook Hh which is letterbook 12. We continue to work on our vowel sounds, which are the hardest to learn, review the consonant sounds and continue to practice our Zoo Phonics.  Zoo Phonics has been a wonderful program that allows for movement which all the children enjoy while they are mastering each sound. This also allows us to cover the other letters that are not included in the thirteen letters that have a book with it. The Smart Board has stories that the children can read as well as the stories in our letterbooks. Not all children are ready to read fluently, but all of our children can sound out words, look at the pictures for clues, remember what was read and enjoy the journey of “Beginning to Read”. As you know the Letterbooks all have the word BEGINNING at the top of the cover. Each book we work on we go over why that word is there. We have learned some sight words that are expected (we learn them OUR way…through songs and dances and spelling). We will continue doing sight words now until June. Again, some children do this with ease and others are just not quite ready for this step in the reading process. The Smart Board allows for interactive learning to occur at each child’s level and they all love it!  


In Math we continue to work on sets. The important thing is that the children are always learning with manipulatives. They add, subtract and count things. We work on the proper formation of numbers. 3, 7, and 9 are still numbers that we have to “think through”. Spacing is still an issue but it is coming along. We do our number lines quite frequently. Sometimes the children just write the numbers in circles with the numeral above each circle. Sometimes we clap a number and they write the number. Sometimes they roll dice and write the number and sometimes they try to write the numbers from 1 to 20 on their own. Reversals are common at this age and so we have poems that go with each number:


A straight line one is fun and that is how we make a 1.


Around and back on a railroad track, 2,2,2, that’s a 2.


Around a tree and around a tree that is how we make a 3.


Down and over, then down some more, that is how we make a 4.


Fat old 5 comes down and around, put a hat on 5 and it’s 5 you’ve found.


Down to a loop, 6 rolls a hoop.


Across the sky and down from heaven, that is how we make a 7.


Make an s but do not wait, that is how we made an 8.


A circle and a line that makes 9.


These poems help the children when they are writing their numbers from memory. It is helpful to put a dot in the left hand corner to help the children learn which way the numbers go.


We are also working on skip counting by 2’s, 5’s and 10’s. Right now the concentration is on 5’s. 10’s are all done. Download on ITUNES: “Counting by 5’s” by Mark Pencil and Friends or “Counting by 5’s” by Little Miss Ann. Addition and subtraction, sorting, estimating and working with 10’s and 1’s are also things we are exposing the children to. The children will be working on the concept of tallying. Math Blaster continues to build skills and challenge those students ready for more.


It’s time to get out the coins at home and help your child sort and name the coins. This is not an easy task for almost everyone. Maybe we should do credit cards?


We continue to work on the proper formation of letters, writing your name on each paper: “The first thing you do, it’s always the same, pick up your pencil and write your name”.


We have been able to use the playground once or twice, but have been able to use the driveway for fresh air and a quick energy release! Some days are still a little cool so be sure to send a sweatshirt, sweater or coat if warranted. A reminder that when we finally are able to use the playground again you may begin to hear “playground” stories. We are alert for problems but are also more interested in guiding the children in settling issues themselves (with a little help when needed).


Our goals are coming along nicely. We will continue to work on Goal #2:  "Raising our hand to speak."  This goal is the most difficult for some children but we will get there!


Dibels are completed, thanks to Mrs. Glennan. I will be discussing the results with you at your conference.


In the meantime, we continue to play, enjoy our childhood and explore new things. Dinosaur Unit is just around the corner when the flowers bloom and it stops snowing. We will let you know, as soon as we know, when this unit is scheduled.


Upcoming Dates to Remember:


NO SCHOOL: Thursday, April 5th and Friday April 6th                        Parent/Teacher Conference Days




SPRING VACATION: April 23rd – April 27th


































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