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AUGUST, 2017

Hope you are all ready for an exciting year in Kindergarten!  This year you will finally be able to come to school for FIVE days a week!  EVERY DAY!!  It will take you a few weeks to get used to a longer day at school, especially after a fun Summer of playing, but once you get used to it...YOU ARE GOING TO LOVE IT!

On the first few days of school, we will get to know each  other by learning everyone's names and getting comfortable in the Kindergarten classroom.  You will get to explore all the materials in the room, little by little, and learn how to play with each of them safely and kindly.

When you first come in the morning each day, there will be things on the table for you to play with.  We also have computers, easels, water tables, blocks and a swing!  You will get to use our "Smart Board", the blackboard and the magnetic board.  Some things will be closed on the first day of school because we need time to let everyone learn about how to use them, but before you know it, everything will be open and you will be ready to learn and to play!

The only thing you need to bring to school is YOU!  (And a change of clothes....just in case you need them.)  If you want to bring a backpack, that is fine but you don't really need one.  We will send you a note during the first few weeks of school if there might be other things you may need, but for right now, YOU are all we need!!

See you soon!  We are very excited to see you again!

Mrs. Tyrie and Mrs. Copman

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