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JUNE 2017

We have successfully traveled back in time, seeing Abe Lincoln, Christopher Columbus, etc. We traveled at a very fast speed with pilots who had many, many years of experience and some who were flying for the first time. Our Flight Attendants gave excellent instructions and provided snacks for the long trip back to Dinosaur Land. It was a week filled with fun! We dug for dinosaurs using Paleontologist hats, tools, goggles, etc. We used hot water spray, tools and goggles to dig our bones out of ice. We dug for fossils in chocolate chip cookies, painted wooden rectangle squares and built sand tray stories filled with tales of dinosaurs. Not everyone got to do everything, but everyone had the chance. Sometimes it’s hard to make a choice! We found out why dinosaurs were probably green or brown using colored macaroni in the grass, talked about why dinosaurs buried their eggs in mud, measured a huge dinosaur on the driveway and divided into teams to build and erupt huge volcanoes. Weadded an added treat when some of our last year’s children came back to help! It’s always so good to see old friends! A special thank you to Cynthia Clark,Nancy Glennan and Ali Allain for helping with the putting up of all the dinosaurs, etc. to make for a special week. Another thank you to Ali Allain for making the dinosaur digs with Plaster of Paris and sand this year. Not an easy task! 

We all enjoyed our trip to the Merrimack Playground last week!  A fun time was had by all!

It has been a wonderful year in Kindergarten. The children are all more than ready for the “big schools”. Their self-confidence, self-control, focus and refocus abilities are strong. Their skills are of the strongest I have seen at BVMS. They will have some adjustments to make in the Fall so remember it takes six to eight weeks to fully adjust to a new situation. Enjoy each day of the summer. Read, read, read to your child. If they show an interest in doing more you can find Dolch words on the internet for them to practice. Most importantly, as always, play…. play…. play! A reminder that you have a “lifetime guarantee” on each child that attends BVMS. Call any time with any questions, concerns or just to chat!

Thanks to our wonderful Room Moms who made each and every event this year a successful one. Thanks to Mrs. Klicker for her hard work each and every month putting together the Scholastic Book Program. She has been doing this for a very long time and deserves a huge thank you from us all! 

Lastly, thanks to all our parents for their loyalty, support and good nature.

See you this Friday, June 9th at 10:00 a.m.!!

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