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Where does the time go? It seems like yesterday when your children were beginning Kindergarten! Time has flown by very, very quickly. They say it does when you are having fun…and we are certainly having fun!

We hope you all enjoyed the pumpkin centerpieces that the children made along with their Thanksgiving Book. They were both done with care, that is for sure!

We hope you enjoyed sharing all the letterbooks we have done so far. As you can tell the fine motor coordination continues to improve. The children who are ready are sounding out some words and enjoying all the sight words that they have been working on. Please note that not all children are ready to put the sounds together yet, which is perfectly okay, but every child is learning the sounds and most have mastered both upper and lowercase letter recognition and sound recognition. It is important at this stage that letterbooks are a positive experience so look for that letter that is his/her best, give reassurance and praise for “taking the risk” and know that they will all read in their own way and in their own time.

We continue to work on the proper formation of letters. This can be frustrating for some because making letters with all uppercase or improperly formed letters is a comfortable habit for them. We are told many, many times that “It’s okay. My mom said I could make my letters that way!” (If you need a copy of the proper formation, don’t hesitate to ask us or Google “Zaner Bloser Manuscript Letters” and they will have a chart on their website).

Holidays and vacation time are right ahead of us. While most of us love the excitement and fun that we all experience during this time of the year, it does come with the inevitable holiday stress. It, in the most part, is good stress but stress nonetheless. With this excitement comes the opportunity to practice focusing, self-control, listening and following directions. These are words that now are part of your Kindergarten child’s vocabulary. They know how to refocus their energy so when the energy level gets too high or when your child’s cup is full, take this time to “stay on the same side of the table” with him/her and watch the second hand on the clock for a minute. Have your child tighten different parts of his/her body and then let go so they will remember what it feels like to be relaxed. “Smell the flowers and blow out the candles”. Close your eyes and think of something happy while you breathe in and out.

Keep the following guidelines in your mind as much as you possibly can when working with your tired, stressed child during this holiday season:

1. The most important way your child can learn to stay calm is by keeping things relaxed as much as possible. The way you deal with a situation has a tremendous impact on the way your child handles situations.

2. Avoid taking your child to places such as family celebrations, shopping centers, noisy places when he/she is tired or hungry or just plain DONE. You are asking too much from your child.

3. Get plenty of exercises and fresh air. Children need to go outside and run around and play and enjoy being five or six.

4. Remember the importance of a schedule. When activities prevent you from sticking to a schedule, make your next day a calm day without a lot of activities. Try to stick closely to your child’s bedtime schedule. It can wreak havoc if you don’t!

5. Try not to overschedule your child’s days and nights. Parties are great; too many parties can throw off a child’s behavior. When his/her cup is too full, it has nowhere to go but over…look out, a temper tantrum or meltdown is on its way! Quiet times with peace and quiet, a good story or a walk away from all the noise can work wonders.

6. Lastly remind your child and those around you what the holidays are really all about. Shoveling a neighbor’s driveway, bringing cookies to a friend, etc., etc., will do wonders to keep things in perspective. Ask yourself (often) “Are we having fun yet?”

Mrs. Copman and I hope you know that our greatest gift is having you share your children with us throughout the year. We are truly enjoying each and every one of your children and love watching them blossom.

December in BVMS Kindergarten will be filled with making Holiday Crafts with Mom or Dad, making cards and presents for family, enjoying our Holiday Party and Book Exchange and continuing to be a most focused class. We will continue working on sounds and syllables, rhyming and blending, sound substation and listening. We continue to work on Goal #2, raising your hand to speak. This goal is always the most difficult for many boys and girls.

In Math we will begin learning how to make our numbers PROPERLY, continue internalizing the numbers from 1-6 and begin the process of counting on.

We hope you are thoroughly enjoying your child’s Kindergarten experience as much as your child is. If you have any questions or concerns or if in any way we are not fully meeting your expectations please call us and discuss any issues or questions you might have.

Enjoy December, enjoy your holidays and please remember that children of this age can be just as over programmed as their parents. Keep it simple, slow down the pace and Enjoy the Holidays.






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