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MARCH, 2018

Shapes and 'ships (friendships, that is) took center stage this February.  As noted in the last update, our class was fully immersed in circles, triangles and squares.  They are putting the finishing touches on their shape hunt books upon return from vacation.  At first glance, one may be inclined to think "much ado about nothing."  But please remember that each step of the three pages was completed by your child.  First, they worked with great care on their circle page.  Circle stickers were carefully peeled and placed which required patience and fine motor skills.  Some circle shapes were also glued onto the page.  The next step involved cutting the tall, wavy grass.  Our class is doing their best to remember the following scissor safety protocol:  thumb in the smaller thumb hole, 2-3 fingers in the larger space, thumbs up, point away from self, but not to friend sitting next to you, open and shut them!  Each child followed these steps as they cut the grass, carefully stopping before they cut the line all the way through.  They will secure the grass on the page themselves.  The triangle page came next where at least one large and one smaller colorful triangle was chosen.  Various collage items were selected to glue upon the triangles.  Since the triangles are "stuck in the mud", the children then tore individual pieces of "mud" for their page and glued them on the page.  Square sponges of various sizes as well as purple, red and yellow paint were available for their final page of their book.  Each child took their time and made decisions on size and color of the squares.  What a visually interesting page this proved to be!  The "river" will be secured on the square page as a final touch.  As teachers, we always marvel at how each page reflects the child's decisions and individual personalities.  Some of our friends are minimalists while others follow the artful guidelines of "the more the merrier"!  Our three and four year olds are proud of their books and are anxious to share them with you.  Singing and theatrics will most likely be involved!

Our class bid a fond farewell to our friend, Hugh.  We celebrated his departure for bluer waters with a party and a delicious cake.  It is hard to be super sad when cake is involved!  Our class will continue to keep in touch with Hugh and his family as they embark on this incredible adventure!

March will be exciting as we focus on our Farm Unit where chickens, cows, pigs, horses and sheep will run amok.  Some of the songs  we will learn, besides Old MacDonald of course, are below.


Sung to Five Little Speckled Frogs

Five cows all black and white

Chewed their curd from day to night

So they could give milk sweet and pure.

Squirt, squirt!

One left the barn one day

So she could find more hay

Then there were four cows all black and white.

Moo!  Moo!



Sung to Five Little Speckled Frogs

Ten pigs so squeaky clean

Cleanest pigs you've ever seen!

Wanted to go outside and play

Oink!  Oink!

One jumped into the mud

And landed with a great bit THUD!

Then there were nine clean squeaky pigs.

Oink!  Oink!



Sung to Five Little Speckled Frogs

Five white and fluffy sheep

In the pasture fast asleep

Their wool kept them cozy all night long.

Snore!  Snore!

The farmer slipped away with one

And sheared the wool till he was done

Then there were four white fluffy sheep

Baa!  Baa!



Old Jazz Tune

One night Farmer Brown was taking the air,

He locked up the barnyard with the greatest of care.

Down in the hen house something stirred

When he shouted "Who's there?"

This is what he heard...

There's nobody here but us chickens

Nobody here at all

So calm yourself and stop that fuss

There's nobody here but us

We're chickens trying to sleep and you bust in

And hobble hobble hobble hobble with your chin!


Some the classroom books we may enjoy in our class library are:

Click Clack, Moo Cows that Type by Doreen Cronin

Barnyard Banter Board Book by Denise Fleming

Big Red Barn by Margaret Wise Brown

Mrs. Wishy-Washy's Farm by Joy Cowley

The Little Red Hen (Paul Galdone Classics) by Paul Galdone

The Little Yellow Chicken by Joy Cowley (Spoiler Alert:  The Little Yellow Chicken is the grandson of the Little Red Hen!!)

Who's Making that Mess?  (Lift the flap book) by Jenny Tyler and Philip Hawtorn (A GREAT Flip the Flap book!)

Big Pig on a Dig (Easy words to read) by Usborne Books

Pig Gets Stuck by Judy Tatchell


As always, if you ever have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to reach out.  Bobbi@Carluccio. com or 603-345-9546.









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