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The Upper Preschoolers have been having so much fun with trains during the last two weeks! Many have ridden in the cardboard train cars that they painted, in the loft that was transformed into a train, or in our pop-up Thomas train.   Some have enjoyed selling, stamping, buying, or punching tickets, while others have been train engineers, driving our trains to places all over the world—from Florida to Alaska, or all the way to the North Pole!   They have put together long and winding tracks with the special train sets that we bring out just for our train unit; we have also explored all things train related—games, puzzles, stencils, stamps, play dough, and some even built their own trains with egg cartons and cardboard tubes!   We have also been busy with cutting and gluing lines for our bulletin board train track! Everyone used shape stencils and scissors to make shapes to put together their own self-designed train that will go along the tracks. During Circle time, we have also sung train songs and rhymes (see below). Each day has also closed out with a train-related story. The kids particularly enjoyed reading The Little Engine that Could and shared so many stories about times that they had kept trying something and did not give up!

One of the silly rhymes that they have enjoyed was:

A peanut sat on a railroad track

His heart was all a-flutter

Around the bend came number 10

Toot, toot! Peanut butter!

This week our trains will chug away, and next week we will be on the road with trucks, cars, and construction vehicles!

We have been very focused on ensuring that each child knows the letters in their first name. Every day after they clean up their snack, they put together a puzzle with the letters of their first name (the first letter is upper case, the rest of the letters are lower case). When each child is ready, they can also work on their middle or last name as well. We also weave in letters at random opportunities, such as calling them to line up by the first letter in their name, or spelling the name of the people that are sharing at circle time. During Work/Play and half groups, we are also working on holding our crayons properly to write the letters in their first name (first letter upper case, remaining letters lower case). For some of the kids, this will be a change from writing their names in all capitals. Their faces light up when I tell them, “Now you’re going to practice writing your name like they do in Kindergarten!” They are working hard at remembering to START THEIR LETTERS AT THE TOP! (see song below!)

Handwriting without Tears – Where Do You Start Your Letters?

Where do you start your letters?

At the top!

Where do you start your letters?

At the top!

If you want to start a letter

Then you better, better, better

Remember to start them at the top


Is this the top, top, top?

No, it’s the bottom

Is this the top, top, top?

No, it’s the middle

Is this the top, top, top?

Yes, it’s the top, top, top

Where do you start your letters?

At the top!

The kids have been enjoying the days when they are able to play outside on the driveway! They run around, draw with chalk, and blow bubbles. It’s great for them to get some fresh air and burn some energy! Please continue to send in boots, jackets, gloves, and warm mittens! Let’s hope that the driveway stays clear of ice and snow and that the temperatures stay above 20 degrees!   On the days when it’s too cold or icy/slushy, the kids get to move around inside with fun movement songs, which they enjoy as well.

We are now on the letter O! The kids come in each day to see the upper and lower case O hanging in different places around the classrooms. At circle time we sing our letter songs, do letter hunts, and practice our Zoo Phonics motions. Our hope is that each child will recognize both the upper and lower case of each letter, as well as the sound the letter makes. A few weeks ago, a sheet describing the Zoo Phonics motions for the letters A-M was sent home. If your child is interested, please do the motions with your child at home to reinforce the letters and sounds! Please e-mail me if you need another copy!

Valentine’s Day is coming soon! This is a perfect opportunity for us to celebrate being kind and friendly! Thank you for everyone who sent in tissue boxes for us to transform into Valentine’s boxes shaped like cars/trucks. We now have a box for every child! We will be celebrating Valentine’s Day as a class on Wednesday, February 14th. I will be sending home a list of the students in the class. Please send in Valentines in alphabetical order by first names by Friday, February 9th, if at all possible. This will give us time to ensure that each child has a Valentine from every friend! This is also an opportunity for them to practice writing their names with their first letter in upper case and remaining letters in lower case!   Tips: Write your child’s name in highlighter for them to trace over. Write a few valentines a day to spread out the writing of the Valentines over several days. Thank you!

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me via e-mail at: nlauchien@gmail.com to set up a time to chat by phone or in person.

FYI:  Mrs. Tyrie's son graciously donated three brand new IMAC computers to the Kindergarten room!  We are most appreciative!!


Zoo Phonics Motions:

k = Kayo Kangaroo

l = Lizzy Lizard

m = Missy Mouse

n = Nigel Night Owl

o = Ollie Octopus


Alphabet Songs:

K Song:

The kittens in the kitchen with Kelly Kangaroo

Kelly Kangaroo, Kelly Kangaroo

The kitten’s in the kitchen with Kelly Kangaroo

Stirring a pot of vegetable stew

Kelly Kangaroo makes shish-ka-bobs, too

Shish-ka-bobs, too, shish-ka-bobs, too

Kelly Kangaroo makes shish-ka-bobs, too

And keeps some ketchup by the barbecue


L Song: (Tune: Take Me Out to the Ballgame)

Larry the lizard is lucky

He giggles and laughs all day long

He likes to go looking for ladybugs

He leaps on the lawn

And he loves to give hugs

When Larry lays in the sunshine

He thinks of his life and he smiles

How I love being a likeable lizard

It’s just my style



M Song: Making Music (Tune of “London Bridge”)

Mary melodies feel the air—
Marching bands,
Making music down Main Street,
Marching to the loud drum beat!

Marveling at the mighty bands,
millions of people clap their hands!
dancing and moving as they play,
marching in the grand parade!


N Song: (Tune: The Ants Go Marching)

The nightingale sings a noisy song

Tweet tweet, tweet tweet

The nightingale sings a noisy song

Tweet tweet, tweet tweet

The nightingale sings a noisy song

Waking the neighbors all night long

And they all say loudly

No, not again! No more notes

We need sleep

No, no, no


O Song: (Tune: Old MacDonald)

Oliver owns a restaurant

On the ocean floor

He operates the telephone

And opens up the door!

Slice an olive here, serve an omelet there

Octopus arms are everywhere

Oliver owns a restaurant

On the ocean floor


Dates to remember:

     - Wednesday, February 14th

         Upper Preschool Valentine’s Class Party (children only)

*Please send in one Valentine for each classmate’s with their name written on it by Friday, February 9th.



























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