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Wow, September has gone by and we have experienced so much in that short time! It’s been a fun month getting to know each of the children. They are such a sweet, kind and friendly group of kids. We have been playing, singing, and learning through play, both indoors and out! We have already worked on sitting quietly, waiting our turn, practicing kind and friendly, sharing and caring!! Often times, our kids rarely share many details about what goes on at school. Here’s a run-down of what happens during our time together at school! 

When the children arrive, they have Free Play, a time when to explore the toys, manipulatives and art explorative activities. The kids have especially enjoyed play dough, shaving cream, painting, water table, dress up, and more! They also practice using their words when they want to have a turn with a toy or activity that another is using. 

We then settle down for a brief large circle together as a class to talk about the schedule for the day. Next, we split up into two groups (the groups are flexible and change as needed). Half of the kids go outside for playground time and half stay inside with for a smaller circle time. At circle time, we sing a morning song/chant, count our friends, and pick a few popsicle sticks for two friends to have moment to share something about themselves. This is a great opportunity to get to know one another, what our names are and what we like to do. It is also an opportune moment to work on waiting our turn and listening carefully to our friends. Next, we work on letters with Zoo Phonics (the letter sounds and animal names & motions for each sound) and singing letter songs (see below for lyrics).   We have also been learning fun songs and activities to reinforce shapes, colors, or numbers. Sometimes we enjoy having a visit from our magical puppet, P. Mooney, or we explore the Handwriting Without Tears lines and curves to get ready for writing letters. When the kids get a little wiggly, we stop and do a fun movement song or activity such as “Head, Shoulders Knees & Toes”, “The Hokey Pokey” or “Simon Says”. The time flies by, then the groups switch and go to the playground or come in for smaller circle time. 

Next, half of the group has snack followed by books and puzzles, while the other group goes to the smaller room for Work/Play. Thank you all for sending in healthy and delicious snacks. This time of day is a great opportunity for the children to share stories with one another on their own. We started sending home the Snack Book photo album a few weeks ago. It will go home on the school day before your child brings in snack. The book is to serve as something exciting to go home with each child that they can share with their family and point out the other kids in their classroom. Please bring the Snack Book photo album back on the next school day along with the class snack.

At Work/Play, we put on quiet music and the kids do their best to work quietly and independently on fine motor skills using fun learning manipulatives. Some activities have included strengthening their finger muscles by making patterns with links, crossing the mid-line with painting or drawing on the SMART table or chalkboard, or rolling play dough to form letters or numbers. Learning through play is the best way to learn! This is also a wonderful chance for the kids to meet one-on-one with a teacher for individualized learning, depending on the child’s needs.  

After Snack and Work/Play, they get ready for a story from Mrs. Reynolds. This is one of our favorite times of day too.  They practice sitting and focusing and doing silent “belly laughs” when they hear a funny part. Then it’s time to get ready to go home. If there is any extra time after the story, the kids play with puzzles or a few toys while they wait for their ride or AFA. What a fun day!!

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out at any time. We hope your children have enjoyed their first month of school and are looking forward to more fun times. If you need more information on AFA or any other opportunities the school offers, please do not hesitate to reach out. 

Lastly, but certainly not least, a HUGE thank you to Kristen Gerardi (Olivia’s mom), Shannon Badger (Cora’s mom), and Emma Silen (Logan’s mom), for volunteering to be our Room Parents for this year. They have been working hard to plan our upcoming Fall Festival and will be coordinating many other special events during the school year.

Happy Fall! 

Dates to remember:

  • Monday, October 9th – No School (Columbus Day)
  • Saturday, October 14th – 1 -3 pm - Fall Festival
  • (Rain date: Sunday, October 15th)


Zoo Phonics Animals: (ask your kids to show you the motions!)

a = Allie Alligator

b = Bubba Bear

c = Catina Cat


Songs we have learned: (ask them to sing them to you!)


“Apes in Asia” (tune of “Allouete”)

Apes in Asia ate a lot of apples

All the apples made their tummies ache

Annie Ape came to their aid

In an apron that she made

Here’s a pail of ginger ale

Drink it up!

Apes in Asia

Don’t eat any apples

Eating apples made their tummies ache


“Buzzing Bumblebees” (tune of Baa, Baa, Black Sheep)

Buzzing buzzing bumblebees fly

Behind the banana tree, way up high

Build big honeycombs begs the bear

But bees sting—he better beware 

Buzzing buzzing bumblebees fly

Behind the banana tree

Way up high


Counting Caterpillars” (tune of “Mary Had a Little Lamb”)

Carol collected caterpillars

Caterpillars, caterpillars

Carol collected caterpillars

She counted twenty-one.

The caterpillars made cocoons

Made cocoons, made cocoons

The caterpillars made cocoons

They’ll be butterflies when they’re done

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