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AUGUST, 2017

Welcome to Upper Preschool!

It won't be long before you are coming to school for three days a week!  That means you will have more time to play with all the fun things in both Upper Preschool rooms!  Yes, you will get to use two rooms this year!  You will have more time to play and sing and paint; you will have more time to build buildings, play with play dough and do all the fun activities that we have planned for you!  Of course, there will be plenty of time outside to play, run, skip, jump and dig and dig and dig!  Snack will be delicious, books and puzzles will be lots of fun.  Yes, P. Mooney will be back as well!

It is going to be great to be four or five years old!  We are all so excited that you will be joining us this year.  So, enjoy the last few weeks of Summer swimming and fishing and hiking and enjoying plenty of sunshine and know that school at Bedford Village Morning School will be a place where you will be VERY HAPPY!  We will see you soon!














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