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JUNE, 2017

It’s hard to believe there are just a few days of school left!  The year has flown by.  We had a wonderful month of May as we wrapped up our Transportation Unit.  During the first few weeks of May, we explored various forms of transportation, such as animals (camels/horses/donkeys), hot air balloons and surfboards!  To close out our unit, we had our annual Transportation Day.  The kids brought in scooters, bikes and even a motorcycle!  After their “driving test”, they were given a personal license by Officer Kyle from the Bedford Police Department.  They had a blast riding their vehicles, stopping at the “car wash” or “fix it shop”, and of course, relaxing for a snack at the “snack shack”.  The driveway had a bus, airplane, and rocket as well! 

For the remainder of the month, we have enjoyed reviewing the Zoo Phonics from A-Z, reinforcing starting letters at the top by writing letters, and are working on our last Frostig book for the school year.  We are helping kids to reinforce or master their letters, numbers, shapes, and letter sounds, while also having fun!  We have also explored Spring through songs/rhymes/books and various process art materials to make flowers, such as soda bottles, cookie cutters, or coffee filters. 

On the last day of May, kids, parents and teachers enjoyed a much-anticipated outing to the Kids Cove playground.  There was so much buzz and excitement riding on the school bus, not to mention climbing, running, and sliding at the playground. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.  Thank you for the many ways you have been so kind and friendly. Thank you for sharing your precious children with us. It has been a wonderful year watching them grow in so many ways! 

We are looking forward to seeing you all at our ice cream party on our last day of school, this Wednesday, June 7th at 10:45 a.m.!

Here is one of the Spring related songs that we have been singing at school:

Over in the Meadow,

In the sand in the sun

Lived an old mother turtle

And her little turtle one.

”Dig,” said the mother,

“I dig,” said the one;

So he dug and was glad,

In the sand in the sun.


Over in the meadow

Where the tall grass grew

Lived an old mother fox

And her little foxes two.

“Run,” said the mother,

“We run,” said the two;

So they ran and were glad

Where the tall grass grew.


Over in the meadow

In a nest in a tree

Lived an old mother robin

And her little robins three.

“Sing,” said the mother,

“We sing,” said the three;

So they sang and were glad

In their nest in the tree.


Over in the meadow

by a tall sycamore

Lived an old mother chipmunk

And her little chipmunks four.

“Play,” said the mother,

“We play,” said the four;

So they played and were glad

By the tall sycamore.


Over in the meadow

In a new little hive

Lived an old mother bee

And her honey bees five.

“Buzz,” said the mother,

“We buzz,” said the five;

So they buzzed and were glad

In their new little hive.


Over in the meadow

In a dam built of sticks

Lived an old mother beaver

And her little beavers six.

“Build,” said the mother,

“We build,” said the six.

So they built and were glad

In the dam built of sticks.


Over in the meadow

In the green wet bogs

Lived an old mother frog

And her seven polliwogs.

“Swim,” said the mother,

”We swim,” said the ‘wogs;

So they swam and were glad

In the green wet bogs.


Over in the meadow

As the day grew late

Lived an old mother owl

And her little owls eight.

“Wink,” said the mother,

“We wink,” said the eight;

So they winked and were glad

As the day grew late.


Over in the meadow

In a web on the pine

Lived an old mother spider

And her little spiders nine.

“Spin,” said the mother,

“We spin,” said the nine;

So they spun and were glad

In their web on the pine. 


Over in the meadow

In a warm little den

Lived an old mother rabbit

And her little bunnies ten.

“hop,” said the mother,

“We hop,” said the ten;

So they hopped and were glad

In their warm little den.










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