We appreciate your ideas and look forward to
your comments on this annual survey.
Please answer all the questions that apply to your child.


My child's teachers are:
My child attends:
Your Name:


Please rate the following from 1 (poor) to 7 (excellent)

Drop Off / Pick Up: Physical Facilities: Curriculum:
Snack Program: Communication: Parent Handbook:
Website: AFA Program: Director:


Our objective is to achieve excellence in all areas.
For any of your ratings less than 7,
we would appreciate specific comments to help accomplish our goal.

Are you satisfied with the way your children are dropped off and picked up at the door at school? Yes No
Are your children always greeted cheerfully? Yes No
Do you understand your child's curriculum? Yes No
Do you feel the curriculum meets your child's needs? Yes No
Does your child comment on what he/she is doing at school? Yes No
Is there something that you would like to see added to or subtracted from the curriculum Yes No


How many parent conferences would you like to have per year?
After your conference, have you felt that your child's teacher understands your child? Yes No
Have you felt free to call your child's teacher when the need arises? Yes No
Have you used the Parent Handbook? Yes No
Have you used email to communicate with the BVMS this year? Yes No
How often do you visit our website?

Please list any suggestions you may have
to improve communications.


Parent Involvement

Do you feel welcome at Bedford Village Morning School? Yes No
Are your concerns handled to your satisfaction? Yes No
Would you like to see the parent / birthday reading program continue? Yes No
Do you like having workshops and speakers offered at BVMS? Yes No

Please list workshop topics that would be of interest to you


Would you like to have a general parent meeting with BVMS staff? Yes No



Are you satisfied with your child's teachers? Yes No
Does your child seem happy with his/her teachers? Yes No
Are you satisfied with the general school staff? Yes No



Do you feel you can call the Director as needed? Yes No

Do you have suggestions as to how the Director
could be more helpful to you?


General Questions If applicable, are you satisfied with our AFA program?
Do you have any suggestions for changes?


What would you like to see added to our present regular school program?


What would you like to see changed? How? Why?


What would you like to see stay the same and never change?


Please list any projects that your child was "especially" excited about.


Please list any projects, gifts, songs, etc.
that had "memory value" to you or your child.


For Lower Preschool Families
Was the "gradual entrance" in September helpful to your child? Yes No
Did your child visit school during the summer months? Yes No
Was it helpful? N/A Yes No
Do you plan on having your child attend our Upper Preschool program? Yes No

Why or Why Not? Please explain.




For Upper Preschool Families
Do you plan on having your child attend Kindergarten at BVMS? Yes No

Why or Why Not? Please explain.


Is there anything that BVMS can do to help make
your child's transition to Kindergarten a smooth and happy one?


For Kindergarten Families
Have you been satisfied with your child's BVMS Kindergarten experience so far? Yes No

If no, please comment.


Would you make the same decision to have your child attend BVMS Kindergarten again? Yes No

If no, please comment.